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We firmly believe in our tag line “Knowledge Is Your Best Defence“, the more IT Security Awareness there is in your organisation the lower the likelyhood that users will make simple, avoidable mistakes. Your people are a key part of your IT Security architecture.

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We Advise

The security culture within any organisation has to be driven from the top down. Owners, managers, directors and board members have a responsibility to understand the threats that may affect their business and also how to respond if an issue does arise.

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We Investigate

It is vital that electronic evidence is preserved and investigated in a forensically sound manner. Something as simple as logging on to a computer can destroy historical evidence. We are experts in digital evidence for HR and Legal investigations.

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Benefits of IT Security

Implementing best practice IT Security will invariably save your company money.

Some examples of how our clients have saved money are:

  • Employees who had been trained were able to identify ransomware emails and avoided the blackmail fees to get data restored
  • Management knew how to preserve digital evidence, resulting in an unfair dismissal case being dropped, saving the company tens of thousands of euro
  • An unproductive employee was investigated and found to be doing “nixers” during company time

We often get calls from clients who understand that raising their IT Security standards will help them to get more business, provide a better service to their customers and will also reduce unnecessary IT downtime.

  • Do your customers require a certain level of compliance?
  • Do you want to differentiate your business from the competition?
  • Do you want to avoid fines or strike off because you do not conform to regulatory requirements?
    • eg new data protection laws (gdpr)
    • Central Bank requirements

If you are running a tight ship you have peace of mind.  Your customers, suppliers and employees know what you expect from them, and what they can expect from you.

We turn the uncertainty that worries CEOs, Owners, Board members and Managers into policies, plans and strategies that they can move forward with.

  • We make sure that you have all the relevant information so you don’t get “caught on the hop” if something goes wrong
  • When management take IT Security seriously then employees will too
    • It has to come from the top down. Walk the walk.
  • Some clients carry out digital investigations to set a bar. To show employees how far they are willing to go to protect their business.

Either you run the day or the day runs you!

Jim Rohn

The Truth about IT Security

The Myth The Reality
IT Security is an IT Problem IT Security is a BUSINESS problem. Everyone within an organisation must play their part. That includes business owners, board members, management, employees, contractors & suppliers.
Our business / industry isn’t the kind that cybercriminals target Every business is a potential target for cybercrime. Just as every car on the road is susceptible to being in an accident, every computer connected to the internet is a potential target for a cybercrime attack
 Our IT Support company looks after our Security We understand the challenges that IT Support professionals and providers face.  Managers and clients assume that IT Support and IT Security are part of the same job.  IT Support will secure your hardware and software.

At ITSP we have the communication skills, knowledge and strategies to secure your people.  Solid IT Security practices will be a cornerstone in driving your business forward, your users play a critical role. Don’t forget IT Security is a business problem, not an IT problem!

Why Companies Aren't Prepared for IT Security Threats

Many businesses don’t take proactive action to prepare for potential IT Security threats. Some choose to ignore the possibilities, some hope for the best, others have different reasons, what’s yours?

Lack of understanding of the potential threats
Non existent / Incomplete Financial Impact Analysis
Budgetary Considerations


and counting….

We have developed a range of IT Security Awareness training programmes to teach users how to identify, avoid, counter and report IT Security threats which they may come across during their line of work.

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  • We have engaged Edel Mee  in a number of legal cases for the purpose of carrying out digital forensic investigations which led to uncovering significant evidence in support of our clients cases. It is of great benefit to have such expertise locally.
    Aoife Hennessy
    Aoife HennessySweeney McGann Solicitors
  • I have used Edel Mee on many occasions to perform forensic investigations, as part of a client companies disciplinary procedures. Edel acts with discretion and she does a comprehensive examination. I would highly recommend Edel Mee for any forensic IT investigation.
    Kenneth Buchholz
    Kenneth BuchholzCampbell International HR Consultancy
  • Edel provided our organisation with relevant IT security awareness training that provided front line staff and management sufficient insight to its importance. More in-depth training for IT first responders has proved invaluable.
    Louis Fay
    Louis FayCEO, St Francis Credit Union, Ennis
  • I have recommended Edel to a number of my clients in relation to education, training and awareness of cyber security. The feedback from them is always that the training was excellent, professional and thorough.  
    Vincent Hely, Action Point
    Vincent Hely, Action PointBusiness Development Manager
  • Edel Mee has proven to be the “unseen asset” in our business at Mr Windscreen. Throughout the years we have always been steered towards taking preventative action and to be fair to Edel, she has always been proven to be right in her judgement.
    Gerry Fitzgibbon, M.D.
    Gerry Fitzgibbon, M.D.Mr Windscreen