Digital Forensics

It is crucial that digital evidence is preserved immediately once an incident is discovered!

Digital Forensic Investigations can be carried out on any device that stores data or connects to the Internet.  Our data is stored on mobile phones, pcs, laptops, servers, in the cloud,  on memory sticks, ipods, external drives, cds, the list goes on and on.

When an incident has to be investigated, usually for HR or Legal reasons, it is vital that all relevant evidence is preserved and reported on appropriately.  It is not sufficient to simply copy data, it must be forensically imaged in a way that preserves the hidden information which will very often form a critical part of the investigation and report.

Sometimes management asks that a digital investigation be carried out to put their mind at ease and clear an employee of suspicion that may have built up around them.

ITSP Digital Forensics services include:

  • Identify sources of phishing emails
  • Establish origin of hacking activity
  • Examination of PC / Laptop / Mobile phone usage
  • Identify if data has been copied to usb drives
  • Report on Internet usage / productivity issues
  • Review of file / folder access by user
  • Malware Analysis

Call us if you have concerns relating to the use or misuse of your devices.

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