Your organisation may be required to demonstrate that preventative measures had been implemented before the incident occurred.

GDPR & IT Security Advisory

Company owners, directors, managers and board members have a responsibility to understand the obligations in relation to GDPR and compliance.  You must recognise the threats to your data and know how to respond when an issue does arise.

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GDPR Consultancy

Digital Investigations

It is vital that electronic evidence is preserved and investigated in a forensically sound manner. Something as simple as logging on to a computer can destroy historical evidence. We are experts in digital evidence for Data Breach, HR and Legal investigations.

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Digital Forensics

IT Security Training

We firmly believe that “Knowledge Is Your Best Defence“, the more IT Security Awareness there is in your organisation the lower the likelihood that users will make simple, avoidable mistakes. Your people are a key part of your IT Security architecture.

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IT Security Training

Don't underestimate the cost of a Data Breach!

It is significantly cheaper to implement preventative IT Security measures than to clean up a Data Breach!

The costs associated with a data breach can include:

  • Loss of Funds (eg Bank Fraud or Ransom)
  • GDPR fines
  • Digital Investigation Costs
  • Legal Costs
  • System Downtime
  • Employee Time Lost
  • Reputational Damage

Users are the cause of most IT Security incidents

It is crucial that employees are trained to recognise and report IT Security threats


Lack of Awareness
Incomplete Financial Impact Analysis
Budgetary Considerations
Assuming IT Security doesn't apply to them

The Data Protection Commissioner doesn’t give an exemption to organisations who aren’t aware of their obligations!