Pen Testing

Pen Testing is a planned attack on a system to identify weaknesses that a hacker may exploit

Penetration Testing or Pen Testing as it is often called, is the process of identifying weaknesses that may be exploited by hackers or that may cause system failure.  Third parties may require that you carry out a Pen Test to demonstrate adherence to recommended security practices and verify compliance.

Pen Testing is also known as Ethical Hacking as the attack is carried out with the knowledge of management of the company.  The goal of a Pen Test may vary from identifying easily exploitable weaknesses in an application, to attempting a full take over of a system and a wide range of vulnerabilities in between.

ITSP Pen Testing and Vulnerability Scanning services include:

  • Examination of server weaknesses
  • Identification of system vulnerabilities
  • Website and web application security testing
  • Mobile application analysis
  • Phishing Simulation (Test user awareness)
  • PCI / DSS Compliance testing
  • Third Party Reporting
  • Developer / IT Support Recommendations

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